Enabling Disruptors of the Future

We help entrepreneurs REALise their legacy to build innovative and disruptive start-ups, that seek to tackle our planets most challenging problems

100% of our profits are invested in grass route initiatives around the world tackling our planets most pressing challenges. We achieve this through our community interest company "Leaving a Legacy" registered in the United Kingdom

Join our pilot start-up incubator, London, November 22nd & 23rd - Access the details below

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Leaving a Legacy C.I.C

A Community Interest Company

Leaving A Legacy (Community Interest Company - CIC) is founded to support grass route initiatives around the world that are working to solve and service our planets ever growing challenges (carbon emissions, sustainable development, consumerism, environment degradation, habitat and wildlife loss).
To showcase the true value of Enterprise in Societal change, we utilise The Legacy Business School as a revenue generating vehicle, working with entrepreneurs and change makers of the future, who leverage advancing technologies (Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Robotics) and systems (Close-Loop Economies, Disruptive business Models, Social Enterprise) to address these very same problems both in the short and long term.
The profits generated from educating and enabling entrepreneurs will be directed into grass route initiatives around the world that are actively implementing solutions to those same challenges demonstrating what we believe is the REAL value of enterprise and entrepreneurship.
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Enabling Disruptive Start-Ups

Learn everything you’ll need to take your business from inspiration to launch, with our industry specific Incubators and Accelerators. Translate conceptual ideas into brands to watch, through our unique ecosystem of experts, founders and investors to materialise a high impact and high value business.
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Developing Entrepreneurial Capability

Access professional development and training programmes to structure and scale your organisations for success. Our global talent pool allows us to bring forward the most relevant knowledge and training's for your start-up to leverage.
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Cultivating Community

We are committed to your success and give hands-on-support to our members and students, supporting them with accessing funding, sourcing talent and securing resources to allow our members to be leaders in their organisations and communities
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Are you a disruptive tech based start-up?

Do you want to 10x your valuation?

Recognising that disruptive technology, innovative business models and sustainability are at the heart of some of the most successful businesses, The Legacy Business School have set up a 2-day incubator for disruptive start-ups looking to 10x their valuation and impact. Spend 2 Days  working with industry enablers to 10X your company’s valuation and impact.

Dr V Abernathy

Dr V Abernathy

I wish there was a way to Zoom a big hug and high-five to you guys! I’m still FEASTING off of all the “Juicy” direction I have received in my now 2 or 3 STRATEGY-building, RESULTS-Yielding Sessions for my business. You ask all the right questions that pull for what is already in us! You help us focus most on what we say than what we hear you say!

Inspired by the a-ha moments, fostered by each clarifying question, drawing out our own MOTIVATIONS for building our brands —the school has been a gracious (with healthy boundaries) guide and I’m grateful to be journeying this way with you! ~Vanessa a.k.a Dr. A

Susan Kabani

Susan Kabani

Your Founder, Nimisha is an amazing woman that came into my life in 2017 as a blessing. She has been extremely supportive in my Ugenie journey as a trusted confidant, a wicked strategist and a wealth of ideas and inspiration. She's also become a great friend.

Through her and the school I have created a coherent strategy for product growth. Her personal experience of growing her own consultancy, being a investor and entrepreneur, mixed with years of corporate consulting have given her an amazing ability to create realistic but daring strategies for growth.

Sara Brandis

Sara Brandis

As a fairly new entrepreneur of just 18 months, I’ve learned the hard way about the importance of having the right support in place.  My first year in business was a lonely one!
Having a place to go and ask the team any question that are troubling me has been so valuable.  Instead of spending hours researching, I can ask someone who knows the answer.
I love that we can talk holistically about the whole experience of being in business; from the money-making end to the human end, and everything in between.
Today I am more confident, and taking bigger steps in my business.

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Dont have a defined idea for a Start-Up?

We can help you!

Work through our in-depth four module online course including valuable video lessons, interviews, case studies, exercises, and everything else you need to start your own business and make it a success. Sign up today and we’ll help you define your start-up idea so you are ready to grow it to success.

About The Legacy Business School

Run by business strategist and entrepreneur Nimisha Brahmbhatt, The Legacy Business School arms you with everything you need to take your brand new business from conception to success.

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