Leaving A Legacy C.I.C

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Leaving A Legacy (Community Interest Company - C.I.C) is founded to support grass route initiatives around the world that are working to solve and service our planets ever growing challenges (Carbon Emissions, Sustainable Development, Environment Degradation, Habitat and Wildlife loss).

We enable change and support grass route initiatives that sits under 3 pillars, Trees, Seas and Species. We actively are developing revenue channels under or operating status as a C.I.C

And that’s where The Legacy Business School comes in…

To showcase the true value of Enterprise in Societal change, we utilise the Legacy Business School as a revenue generating vehicle, working with entrepreneurs and change Makers of the Future, who leverage advancing technologies (Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Robotics) and systems (Close-Loop Economies, Disruptive business Models, Social Enterprise) to address these very same problems both in the short and long term.
The revenue generated from educating and enabling entrepreneurs will be directed into grass route initiatives around the world that are actively implementing solutions to those same challenges demonstrating what we believe is the REAL value of enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Our Co-Founders


Benjamin Kauffmann

Ben is a Senior Manager with Accenture’s Industry X.O and Operations practice, having worked +9 years across the UK, Europe and North America.
In his most recent projects, he led engagements that focus on re-designing client target operating models to helping clients to define their digital technology strategies. Ben provides subject matter, delivery and business change expertise to clients transforming their strategies, processes to accommodate changing regulatory market and business conditions.
As part of Accenture's UKI leadership team, Ben manages a portfolio of innovation projects across the energy value chain working with start-ups and SME enterprises to deliver outcome focused innovation.

Nimisha Brahmbhatt

As the Founder of the Legacy Business School, Nimisha is a British based, Kenyan born Management Consultant and Entrepreneur, with a proven track record of implementing large scale business transformation in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.
She is also a lead investor in two disruptive start-ups that are pioneering the adoption of advancing technologies and disruptive business models. Her industry expertise spans across energy, utilities, internet of things, fashion, sustainable supply chain and more recently electric vehicles, healthcare, conservation, perma-culture and energy management.

Our Change Pilars

We enable change and support grass route initiatives that sits under 3 pillars; Trees, Seas and Species.

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Tree planting 'has mind-blowing potential' to tackle climate crisis. We recognise the simplicity of this action and target all our efforts under this Pillar to mobilise and support tree planting and reforestation initiatives globally.
Our founding project - "1BN Trees" works to support the United Kingdom target of 1.5 Billion Trees to be planted by 2050 to tackle Climate Change. We will work with multiple grass-route projects to funnel our funding and resources to achieve this target.
To kickstart this project, we are going to be arranging a series of park and nature clean ups across the UK. For every person that attends the clean up, our foundation will plant a tree via designated projects around the UK. Stay tuned for more detail on this in January 2020
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The oceans have always been a mystery to mankind, appearing vast, strong and resilient. This misconception leads to the belief that the oceans will always be teeming with life and makes it difficult to fathom that once-bountiful ocean life is fading fast.
With one of our co-founders, Benjamin being an avid and experienced diver, restoring the health of our oceans is one of founders core missions. Together they are launching the "Divers for Oceans" a global community of experienced divers, connecting them to ocean clean-ups globally.
We ask the divers to donate their time and experience, we sponsor the equipment, boats and post-disposal of the waste with partner dive centres in waste hot-spots around the world!
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Some species have been pushed so close to extinction, they need special help to survive, whilst others have simply faded away without notice. Our C.I.C is committed to invested resources, funding and time into understanding how we can develop front-line solutions to tackle issues such as human wildlife conflict, poaching, bush-meat farming and many other societal challenges that are driving thriving species to near extinction.

With our depth of knowledge in disruptive technology and innovative business models the Leaving A Legacy C.I.C makes it our mission to develop solutions that will tackle these very challenge to ensure the survival of all wild species across the planet.

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Are you a disruptive tech based start-up?

Do you want to 10x your valuation?

Recognising that disruptive technology, innovative business models and sustainability are at the heart of some of the most successful businesses, The Legacy Business School have set up a 2-day incubator for disruptive start-ups looking to 10x their valuation and impact. Spend 2 Days  working with industry enablers to 10X your company’s valuation and impact.