Three good reasons for packaging your services

I’m with Julie Andrews; receiving a nice package is one of my favourite things. Every time I get something through my door from Amazon, a relative or a friend I feel joy.

When it comes to your business, you want to inspire the exact same response in your ideal clients. You want them to have that joy in seeing the benefit of buying your service, and holding it in their hands.

If you’re a business owner selling a service, though, it’s easy to fall into the trap of making a big long laundry list of services to try and meet everybody’s needs. But this isn’t really the best way to get more business. Your business package isn’t for the masses. It’s for a specific person.

So, why package?

Reason One: Its a common mis-conception that you have to have more clients you have to sell multiple things to multiple different people, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! If you’re looking for more clients, more sales and more income, packaging your service is really the way to go. Create one single package that offers your client an end to end journey which is composition of the multiple services your offer. A premium package will offer the best way of working with you to help your clients achieve their results.

Reason TwoPackaging your service helps you to communicate what is unique about your brand and your values. It also clarifies for you what your process is and the steps to achieving solutions for your clients in an increasingly competitive environment. These will massively help you when it comes to marketing your services to these clients and fuel you with confidence on how you can ACTUALLY achieve bigger results!

Reason Three: Once you have a clear idea of who your ideal client is – from their age, gender and status, to their challenges, hobbies and motivations etc – creating an effective package will help make your intangible service, i.e. those things that you know are truly unique about how you create value tangible to you clients because they will see how the multiple value points create a seamless outcome by working with you, which will lead to happier customers and naturally more sales.

Packaging un-boxed

If you think your service can’t be packaged, think again! Even if you offer a 1:1 bespoke service, such as graphic design, you can still offer a package. The key is to work out your methodology and think through how you can add value to it.

Far from putting restrictions on your business, you’ll find that packaging your services will give you the freedom to market and sell your services with more confidence.

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