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The Legacy Business School is the home of the "10xYourImpact" Incubator - a 2-day incubator for disruptive start-ups looking to 10x their valuation and impact, getting them pitch and investor ready and improve their chances of getting their innovative products and services off the ground

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Are you a disruptive tech based start-up?

Do you want to 10x your valuation, impact and get investor ready?

23rd and 24th November 2019, London

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Why sustainability is the future for building a successful business

Industry Specific Incubators and Accelerators

In 2020 we will be launching Industry Specific Incubators and Accelerators, working with both investors, experts and disruptive entrepreneurs we will bring together the right knowledge, resources and funding to help you scale your disruptive start-up.

We will be focusing on the following industries that we believe are ripe for disruption

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The electricity sector is experiencing a profound disruptive shock, due to technological innovation, falling costs of renewables, growth of energy management and storage. When coupled with our founder Nimisha's 10 years of industry experience working across the energy value chain, and her network of industry experts, we believe this industry is ripe for disruptive businesses and the Legacy Business School is the place to make it happen!
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Sustainable Fashion Brands Explain That Yes, They Can Be Profitable. “It is absolutely possible to build a profitable and sustainable and responsible ― ethically and socially ― fashion company." The fashion industry is, hands-down, one of the most wasteful industries in the world. These Incubators and Accelerators will focus on growing the most sustainable and profitable fashions houses of the future.
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Agriculture has been one of the last sectors to experience significant disruption from new technologies. However, the agtech movement is now maturing rapidly with investors funnelling more and more cash into new startups looking to disrupt traditional agriculture. The Legacy Business School will bring together expertise in agtech, sustainable farming methods and perma-culture to support innovative start-ups looking to leverage this growth wave.
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It is no mystery that hemp is possibly the most versatile plant known to humankind. Currently used in over 25,000 products globally, industrial hemp-based goods include automotive parts, furniture, textiles, food, beverages, beauty products and construction supplies, and these numbers are set to rise. Global consumer spending on cannabis will reach $32B by 2022, according to BDS and Arcview Market Research, around 3x the current level. So are you ready to take a slice of the pie?

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