How to handle the ups and downs on your entrepreneurial journey

Have you ever felt like your entrepreneurial journey can be a bit of a roller-coaster?

One moment you’re making steady progress. You’re carried along by your own energy, with a fair idea of where you’re headed. The next, you’re hurtling down the track, feeling overwhelmed, lacking confidence and not knowing what to do next.

It happens to us all.

Wherever you are on your journey, it’s important to recognise the signs that you’re headed off track, to help you adjust and better enjoy the ride. Here are three of the most common signs our Founder has seen in her work with clients:

Employee mentality

One of the biggest challenges when you’re starting out is understanding the shift from employee to entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, a large part of the responsibility for the success of the business rests on your shoulders. It sounds obvious, but when it comes to the day-to-day of your business and knowing where your resources and time are required it’s much harder in practice.

An important principle for success is being able to focus on what’s important, when. Nailing focus is going to be a key factor in your success.

Maintaining energy

I have a saying: ‘Energy flows where focus goes.’ Just like a laser, when your energy is applied to a specific goal or task the effect is powerful. When you’re focused on your business goals, your energy will add a force to it that will propel you to success. It follows, then, that if your energy is dipping it’s a good sign that your focus is slipping.

Confidence and creativity

Another sign is a loss of confidence and creativity. I put these hand-in-hand because when you lose confidence in your vision or your ability it restricts your ability to think creatively about the next steps.

One of the best ways to deal with a loss of confidence is to proactively pursue greater clarity about your service or product, your target client and achieving the high-end sales that you want. You’ll find that clarifying this will also give you the head-space to be more creative.

Stay on track

Running a business inevitably has its ups and downs. Having a game plan will help you spot where you’re going off course and what you need to do to adjust. Planning for success need not be a complex paper exercise done in isolation. Having a practical process and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs is the best way to keep you focused, energised and clear.

That’s why we are so proud of what we do here at the Legacy Business School. We focus on a holistic education to growing your business and a like-minded community who will keep you motivated, encouraged and supported. Join Winter School – Beginning Jan 1st 2019  here

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